10/31/2017 Indie game develop log: maybe make 2d game extreme 2d. As flat as possible

10/25/2017 Indie game develop log: Emotional Layer (♡˙︶˙♡)
10/26/2017 Indie game develop log: shred the emotional layer! Dinner with monster is better

10/25/2017 Indie game develop log: For anyone who still wakes up and working!

10/20/2017 Indie game develop log: This book is the therapy. And, Can’t believe it just $14. How could It be $14??????!!!!!

10/05 – 10/19/2017 I try to test if the watercolor can make animation and use in the game. It works! but my animation is stupid. I need to learn how to make animations.

10/05/2017 Good to understand make the plan before everything started. The image is about the level 1 and 2 scenes.
"Indie game develop log: Its definitely better plan everything on paper before start making it in digital (っ ̯ -。)"

09/30/2017 Still trying out new color, it really a slow process. I feel i am going into a wrong direction when I make it.

09/27/2017 Try out the color by drawing a building asset.

Indie Game Develop Log: 09/19 – 09/23 I made an NPC. Digital color, make the animation by animate 2d in Unity.

The indie game develops log: 09/2017 Since September 2017 I decided to record the daily process of my indie game developing process. In this log I would contain every I think about, read, and the reason why I make any decisions. Before 11/03/2017 everything is posted on Instagram, after 11/03/2017, more details would write down here, for me, for anyone who interesting in developing their own game, for a record of a part of a time in my life.